inspect iphone 8 charging port

Look For Debris In Your iPhone’s Charging Port

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If debris, gunk, or lint has gotten stuck in your iPhone 8's charging port, it may get stuck in headphones mode — even if headphones aren't plugged in! When your iPhone 8 is stuck in headphones mode, you won't hear it ring.

How Do I Look For Debris In My iPhone's Charging Port?

  • Look For Debris In Your iPhone's Charging Port
  1. Use a flashlight to take a close look inside your iPhone 8's charging port.
  2. Use an anti-static brush or unused toothbrush to remove any debris from inside the port.

Pro Tips

  • Don't brush out your iPhone 8 with anything that could conduct an electric charge (paperclip or thumbtack).
  • Don't use a toothpick to clean your charging port because the wood can splinter and get stuck in your iPhone.